Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and having good skin can boost our self-esteem and help us feel great. Everyone has a skin type, and this is largely determined by genetics, alongside lifestyle factors and medications, hormones and more. 

A skin concern refers to a happening or occurrence to your skin that needs to be treated. Skin conditions can include acne, ag and fine lines, crow’s feet, dark circles, eczema, keratosis pilaris, large pores, mature or sun-damaged skin, pigmentation and brown marks, redness and rosacea, and sunspots.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few different skin types—normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Knowing what skin type you have is important, as you can then choose the best products and treatments to maintain healthy, glowing skin. To determine the exact type of skin you have, we run a skin analysis using high-tech machines.

There are many safe products to use while pregnant. When considering a product, be sure the ingredients don’t include retinols, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and hydroquinone, to name a few.

Skincare is important, but you can overdo it. The perfect balance of products should leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft to the touch. It shouldn’t feel tight, dry, or “squeaky clean.” We recommend discussing how much products to use, with your medical provider or aesthetician.

Skincare products do not last forever. Once opened, these products have a limited shelf life. The exposure to air and bacteria over time can break them down. If used past the expiration date, the product may not be effective or could cause an adverse reaction.

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