Morning After Pill

The Morning After Pill is an emergency contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy among women who have either had unprotected sex or whose birth control methods have failed. The effectiveness of the Morning After Pill decreases with time. Therefore, the sooner you take the pill, the better. You can acquire the morning after pill without a prescription over the age of 16 years of age. 

The Morning After Pill is not 100% effective, but taking the pill as soon as possible after the unprotected sex increases your chances of success.

Note: the pill is free of charge for medical card holders, but otherwise a fee will be charged depending on the type of contraceptive you take. 

Some reasons you may be unable to take the Morning After Pill

  • Timed out: the pill is ineffective 120 hours after unprotected sex
  • Other medication: other medications may interfere with the MAP
  • Allergies
  • An irregular previous period 

Be assured that our pharmacists will help decide if the emergency contraceptive pill is appropriate for your needs. 



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