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With its category-leading durability, water resistance and UVA/UVB protection, P20 has been helping families take the worry out of the time in the sun for generations. Bottle size 150ml

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Getting in and out of the water is a big part of summer fun. P20 keeps you and your family safe at the beach or by the pool, maintaining intact protection levels even after 4 x 20 minutes in the water. This fully documented water resistance has earned P20 Europe’s highest water resistance rating for suncare products.

Benefits & Features:

  • P20 gives you up to 10 hours reliable sun protection, when applied correctly and with no missed areas
  • The long-lasting formula is proven to remain very water resistant even after 4x20 minutes in the water.
  • P20 sunscreen has no added fragrance, colorants, or preservatives. It’s just protection you can trust.
  • P20 provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays. In fact P20 formulation has significant higher UVA protection than required and prevents premature aging.
  • P20 is active after only 15 minutes and is absorbed rapidly resulting in non-greasy skin
  • P20 is transparent and leaves no messy, white marks
  • P20 is ideal for the whole family incl. children
  • P20 offers a wide range of products with factor 15, 20, 30 and 50+.
  • From 2017 the range is extended with the new multi-angle Continuous Spray in SPF 20 and SPF 30


  • Apply P20 sun protection generously and evenly to ensure no missed areas and sufficient coverage. Rub in well and pay particular attention to the vulnerable parts of the body, such as nose, ears, shoulders shins, feet and backs of legs.
  • Use approximately 30-40 ml per application for a full adult body. Reducing the quantity of sun protection product applied will lower the level of protection significantly.

Allow 15 Minutes

  • Apply P20 sun protection 15 minutes before going out into the sun or swimming, to allow a protective film to form on the skin.


  • Although P20 sun protection provides long-lasting water-resistant protection, it may be necessary to re-apply after extensive sweating or after toweling. The general recommendation is to re-apply frequently to maintain protection.


  • If you are using either of the sun sprays, do not spray directly on to your face. Spray into your hands, and then apply to the face, avoiding the sensitive eye area.
  • After application ensure skin is dry before getting dressed. Avoid contact with fabrics to help prevent staining. For full instructions read the in-pack leaflet carefully before use.

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