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Comfortable Wax Cotton ear plugs great for flying, swimming, snoring

Product Features:

• Virtually eliminate pressure on the ear canal
• Gentle wax cotton, comfortable fitting
• Excellent protection against external agents (dust, wind, noise, etc)
• Great for flying, swimming, water sports, snoring, motorcyclists, musicians, farmers, noisy neighbours, and more!
• Adapt perfectly to the shape of the ear
• Latex free
• 8 pcs/ 4 pairs per Pack

Medicare Wax Cotton Ear Plugs are suitable for a range of requirements including flying, swimming, water sports, snoring and more! Whether you’re a musicians or a motorcyclist, these super comfortable wax cotton ear plugs will provide valuable protection when you need them.
Medicare’s wax cotton Ear Plugs are designed to prevent disturbances in the hearing conduct caused by external agents (water or excessive noise). They are gentle, comfortable and adapt perfectly to the shape of the ear, offering excellent protection against external agents (dust, wind, noise, etc.).
Always wash your hands carefully before applying the ear plugs. Remove the cotton wool covering the plug. Shape the ear plugs into a small cone to fit your ear canal correctly. Introduce the ear plugs in to the ear and gently press until the ear is fully stopped. To remove – slowly ease from the ear.
Storage: Ear plugs can be reused whenever they are kept clean and in good condition. After use, wash them with neutral soap and lukewarm water and allow to dry naturally. Use the plastic container to keep the earplugs fresh and dry. Replace your ear plugs if damaged or dirty.
Caution: Consult a doctor before use if you have a perforated or infected eardrum. Do not push too deeply into the ear. Store ear plugs inside their container in a cool, dry place. Not suitable for children. Keep out of reach of children. Never use the wax cotton ear plugs for diving.


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