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Protection from flight ear discomfort.

How To Use

Before inserting, pinch nose and blow to clear your ears. For best results, ALWAYS insert EarPlanes-2 one hour BEFORE landing. Remove AFTER landing and when cabin door is opened.

Chronic Sufferers may ALSO insert EarPlanes-2 just BEFORE takeoff. EarPlanes-2 may be removed when the airplane reaches MAXIMUM altitude and reinserted one hour BEFORE landing.

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Republic Of Ireland: Order by 4pm for NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY.

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EarPlanes-2 ear plugs - 1 pair.

Protection from flight ear discomfort.

    • Resuable
    • Extra soft ear plugs
    • Tested by US Navy Pilots

1 pair with tether and travel case.

Relieves In-Flight Air Pressure Ear Discomfort.

Next Generation Earplanes.

1 Reusable Pair. Good for 5 Round Trip Flights.

Regulates air pressure and reduces harsh noise naturally.

Made of soft Hypoallergenic, Latex Free Silicone.


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